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The Roman Equestrian Ceremonial Helmet

Title: The Roman Equestrian Ceremonial Helmet
Site: Brza Palanka / Egeta
Location/Region: Kladovo
Chrolonology: 1 AD - 500
Museum: National Museum in Belgrade - Archeological Museum of Đerdap
Country: Serbia
Period: Roman Limes: Trajan - Hadrian
Epoch: Roman
Closer Dating: 1st - 2nd century
Material: An alloy of copper, tin (brass) and iron, gold plated with the glass paste details
Dimensions: H 22 cm, W 20 cm
Production Technique: Molding, forging, embossing, chasing, polishing, tempering, pressing
Bibliography: J. (Rankov) Kondić (processing, cat. collection in the prepress); P. Petrović, The Roman Ceremonial Helmet from Brza Palanka (Egeta), Collection НМ, XV-1, Belgrade 1994, 97-106, picture 1.


Part of the Roman two-piece military parade helmet, luxury, belongs to a type of Roman ceremonial helmets with movable mask (missing, as most of the calotte of the helmet), worn by the Roman cavalry.

Roman fortress with village Egeta/Brza Palanka, incidental finding. For the systematic archeological research and excavation, see Dr. P. Petrović in Iron Gate/Đerdap Notes II/1984, 153-159 (CPF-Cahiers des Portes de Fer).