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The Imperial Portrait (Severan Dynasty)

Title: The Imperial Portrait (Severan Dynasty)
Site: Diana / Statio Cataractarum Diana
Location/Region: Kladovo
Chrolonology: 1 AD - 500
Museum: National Museum in Belgrade - Archeological Museum of Đerdap
Country: Serbia
Period: Roman Limes: S. Severus
Epoch: Roman
Closer Dating: 2nd-3rd century
Material: Marble, gray-white
Dimensions: H 36 cm

Ј. (Rankov) Kondić (processing, cat. collection in the prepress); Ј. (Rankov) Kondić in: Archeological Museum of Iron Gate/Đerdap (Belgrade, 1996), cat. 5;


Roman imperial portrait of a mature man in actual size, en face, with a short military haircut carrying physiognomic details of the style characteristics of the portrait art from the period of the Severan Dynasty (193 - 217 BC), point to identification with some of the emperors of this period.

Roman fortress Diana/Stacio Cataractarum Diana (Кarataš-Novi Sip), incidental finding (Iron Gate/Đerdap I Project).