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Stele of a Banker

Title: Stele of a Banker
Site: Kostolac / Viminacium
Location/Region: Kostolac-Požarevac
Chrolonology: 1 AD - 500
Museum: National Museum in Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Period: Antique
Culture: Roman
Material: Marble
Production Technique: Carving


Activity of a banker is presented on the tombstone of a citizen of Viminacium, the capital of Upper Moesia. Banking, even at that time very lucrative occupation, was well developed in cities where the Army was stationed with widespread circulation of money.

Only the lower part of the stele was preserved with the image in low relief. It is most likely that it presents a deceased man sitting at the table. He is counting money by controlling notes on wax plates. Right from the table a male figure is standing - a slave, with a scroll outstretched in his hands, possibly presenting reports.

Today, unfortunately, we have no information about the deceased person for whom the stele was made since the inscription field, which was framed by columns, is missing. This monument dates from the 3rd century AD when, judging by a number of inscriptions from Viminacium, the city was still in the stage of prosperity with a class of wealthy citizens.