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Statuette of Victory

Title: Statuette of Victory
Site: Belgrade Fortress
Location/Region: Belgrade
Chrolonology: 1 AD - 500
Museum: National Museum in Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Culture: Roman
Closer Dating: 2nd-3rd century AD
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: H 9,4 cm, L 5,3 cm
Production Technique: Casting

Veličković, M. 1972. Rimska sitna bronzana plastika u Narodnom muzeju, Narodni muzej, Antika 4, Beograd.

Ratković, D. Wagon and Harness Bronzes from the Roman Collection of the National Museum in Belgrade, Thiasos, 2008.


Goddess Victoria with wings spread wide and a disk overhead holding high in her hands. Dressed in a long tunic worn over a short one. Below her chests there is a waist belt. The three-line inscription is on the disc: CAIS, SACE, RD. Details on the face, wings and clothes are presented summarized, by cutting and embossing points.