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Solidus of Theodosius II, Constantinople mint

Title: Solidus of Theodosius II, Constantinople mint
Site: Kostol - Pontes / Transdrobeta
Location/Region: Kostol, Kladovo Municipality
Chrolonology: 1 AD - 500
Museum: National Museum in Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Period: Late Antiquity
Culture: Roman
Closer Dating: 443
Material: Gold
Production Technique: Minting
Bibliography: M. Vasić, Nalaz solida Teodosija II u kastrumu Pontes, Numizmatičar 6, 1983 (Beograd):100, kat. 5, sl. 5.


Theodosius II, Solidus, Constantinople mint (443)


The emperor’s bust (front) with a spear and a shield.

Reverse: IMPXXXXIICOS•- XVII•P•P•. In the fragment CONOB. In the field, on the right, a star.

Constantinople is sitting on the left. He is holding an orb with a cross and a scepter.

Weight 4.48 g