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Title: Scepter
Site: Lepenski Vir
Location/Region: Boljetin, Đerdap
Chrolonology: 10000 BC - 4000 BC
Museum: National Museum in Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Epoch: Mesolithic
Culture: Lepenski Vir Culture
Closer Dating: 6300-5900 BC
Material: Small quartz sandstone
Dimensions: 35,2 x 6,1 cm
Production Technique: Polishing, engraving

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Figural presentation of a fish, taken as a three-dimensional body but done in a two-dimensional presentation. A rich composition of ornamental motifs is adapted to labeling of certain parts of the body on one side of the scepter while formally applied to the other.

There are no preserved traces of pigment coating (perhaps as a result of cleaning).