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Prehistoric Iron Age Vessel

Title: Prehistoric Iron Age Vessel
Location/Region: Vajuga-Korbovo banks (Necropolis), Kladovo
Chrolonology: 1000 BC - 1 AD
Museum: National Museum in Belgrade - Archeological Museum of Đerdap
Country: Serbia
Period: Iron Age
Epoch: Prehistoric
Closer Dating: 7th-6th century BC
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: H 23 cm
Production Technique: Manually engraving, stamping
Bibliography: J. (Rankov) Kondić (processing, cat. collection in the prepress); М. Vukomanović, in Catalogue Archeological Museum of Iron Gate/Đerdap (1996), cаt. P 83; for localities and results, see Iron Gate / Đerdap Notes / Cahiers des Portes de Fer/CPF, III/1986.


The vessel is in the form of cantharus with two, highly curved handles, made of dark gray clay, decorated with geometric, carved or engraved ornamentation, illustrates the early period of this period.

Vajuga - Korbovo banks (necropolis): systematic archaeological excavations and research (Iron Gate/Đerdap II Project, Dr P. Popovic - M. Vukmanović - N. Radojčić)