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Title: Pectoral
Site: Ritopek / Castra Tricornia
Location/Region: Ritopek, Beograd
Chrolonology: 1 AD - 500
Museum: National Museum in Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Culture: Roman
Closer Dating: 3rd century AD
Material: Brass, enamel
Dimensions: 23,6 x22,4 x16,5 cm
Production Technique: Minting, embossing, enameling

Popović, I. 1993, Rimski paradni oklop iz Ritopeka, Beograd

Vujović, M. 2000. O paradnom oklopu iz Ritopeka - pohvala vernosti ili Carmen Saliare, Singidunum II.


Ceremonial armor (pectoral) with a relief depiction given in three friezes, decorated with a ribbon-like plastic frame. Outside the framework, on the left bottom edge the illegible italic inscription can be seen, probably a owners name (Aurelius Herculanus?). The inside of the armor, at the top edge, the craftsman’s name is inscribed in italic (Martinus, Martinianus?). Friezes are separated with plastic stripes, in shape of letter X. The center of the armor is decorated with the high relief bust of Mars - he is shown with a helmet on his head and a spear and a shield on his left and right sides. The top freezers, on the left side there is a bust of a female deity (Honos, Virtus or Disciplina), and a genius legionis with the depiction of an eagle on figurine’s head. Beside both figurines stands a military sigils (signa) and the flag (Vexillum) with a preserved punctuated letter G, probably from the word LEG (io). On the left side of central frieze stands a bust of a man with a crown and a creature - it is most like that it depicts Sol, while on the right side there is a bust of Jupiter with lighting. In the bottom frieze on the left corner, stands a female deity with a scepter, presumably reflecting Pietas. The middle of the bottom frieze depicts the battle between two Roman soldiers, the soldier on the left side, who’s outstretched hand touches the hand from the clouds, has a bull (symbol of the Legion VII) by his side. Pectoral is partially reconstructed.