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Part of the carriage, Lion with Attis on the Shield

Title: Part of the carriage, Lion with Attis on the Shield
Site: Kostolac / Viminacium
Location/Region: Kostolac-Požarevac
Chrolonology: 1 AD - 500
Museum: National Museum in Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Culture: Roman
Closer Dating: 2nd century AD
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 7,4 cm
Production Technique: Molding, minting

Ratković,D. 2005, Two Figural bronze Objects from Wagon, Recueil du musee national a Belgrade, Belgrade 2005, 481-507


The figure of a lion turned to the left. By the raised left paw of the lion there is a shield that the lion is holding. Attis with the Phrygian cap is presented in the relief on the shield. The head of the lion is turned to the shield. Figure of the lion is presented with partial stylization. Mane is presented by notches. The figure is on the semicircular pedestal in the shape of a semicircular rod. The second part of the composition with another figure of the lion with a shield is missing.