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Model of a prehistoric house

Title: Model of a prehistoric house
Site: Kаrаburmа i Rоspi Ćupriја
Location/Region: Karaburma, Belgrade
Chrolonology: 2000 BC - 1000 BC
Museum: Belgrade City Museum
Country: Serbia
Epoch: The Bronze Age
Culture: Žuto Brdo Culture
Closer Dating: Around 1500 BC
Material: Fired clay
Dimensions: 7.2 x 6.8 x 6 cm
Bibliography: Pеtrоvić Bisеniја i drugi. Мuzеј grаdа Bеоgrаdа, ur. Sеfеrоvić Nаdа. Bеоgrаd: Мuzеј grаdа Bеоgrаdа, 2003.


This model of the house was discovered in the urn of a cremated deceased. This very cleverly designed craft model clearly shows a real copy of the home from that period. It belongs to Žuto Brdo Culture because of the way it was ornamented. This type of the ornament is the most impressive ornamentation of the time.Harmoniously and imaginatively carved ornaments are filled with a white incrustation.