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Gladiator - Statuette

Title: Gladiator - Statuette
Site: Kostolac / Viminacium
Location/Region: Požarevac
Chrolonology: 1 AD - 500
Museum: National Museum in Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: H 8,3; W 8,3 cm
Production Technique: Molding, engraving
Bibliography: Veličković, M. 1972 Rimska sitna bronzana plastika u Narodnom muzeju, Narodni muzej Antika 4: Beograd.


Statuette of a gladiator represented in a standing position on a boat. The left food in stride. Details of the face are unclear. Leaning on a hip, he is holding a short sword and a net in his right hand. The net is arranged in the bundle that reaches the right knee. The left hand is slightly bent and stretched out. He is wearing a subligaculum belt on his thigh. Near the left cheek there is a galerus which was used as a protection for a head and a neck and possibly back.