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Earrings and Fibula

Title: Earrings and Fibula
Site: Kаrаburmа i Rоspi Ćupriја
Location/Region: Karaburma, Belgrade
Chrolonology: 1000 BC - 1 AD
Museum: Belgrade City Museum
Country: Serbia
Epoch: Early Iron Age
Culture: Celtic Lathen Period
Closer Dating: End of the 4th - beginning of the 3rd century BC
Material: Earrings – silver wire, bending (technique of decorating); fibula - casting
Dimensions: Earrings R: 3 cm; Fibulae L 4.8 cm


In the tomb of a woman, number 63, a set of jewelry consisting of two silver earrings of twisted wire and a large bronze fibula was discovered.Earrings of silver twisted wire with one end in the form a ring belong to the type of jewelry widespread in the Balkans and southern Pannonia from the 6th to the 4th century. They represent the earliest type of their occurrence.Bronze fibula of early Duhcov type with four chains hanging, is the oldest type of Celtic jewelry in the northern and the western Balkans, and its occurrence is associated with the arrival of the Celts in this area.