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Early Roman Luxury Vessels, Terra Sigillata Form

Title: Early Roman Luxury Vessels, Terra Sigillata Form
Site: Текija / Transdierna
Location/Region: Kladovo
Chrolonology: 1 AD - 500
Museum: National Museum in Belgrade - Archeological Museum of Đerdap
Country: Serbia
Period: Roman Limes: Flavians -Тrајаn-Hadrian
Epoch: Roman
Closer Dating: 1st-2nd century
Material: The finest red colored clay
Dimensions: Dia 19.2; H 2. 5 cm
Bibliography: J. (Rankov) Kondić (processing, cat. collection in the prepress); А. C. Kuzmanović - A. Jovanović, TEKIJA, Belgrade 2004, cat.45.


Small, shallow vessel - a plate of the finest roast red color clay / terra sigillata, decorated around the rim with an applied small, symmetrically arranged vegetable ornament, is just one of many found in both the fortress and village Transdierna/Tekija, and along the Danube in all (Early) Roman positions and stations.

Roman fortress with village Transdierna/Теkija: the systematic archeological research and excavation (Iron Gate/Đerdap II Project, Prof. Dr A. C. Kuzmanović).