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Title: Claps
Location/Region: Kovin-Park, South Banat
Chrolonology: 500 - 1000
Museum: Military Museum in Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Period: Early Middle Ages
Epoch: Migration of peoples
Culture: German tribes
Closer Dating: 6th century
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 4,1 х 2,6; 4,9 х 1,7 cm
Production Technique: Cutting, bending, cutting, repousse, carving
Bibliography: M. Peković, Arheološka zbirka Vojnog muzeja u Beogradu / Archaeological Collection of the Military Museum in Belgrade. Beograd 2006.


Elliptical two-piece buckle clasp. At the place where the prong was attached, the fitting is narrowed and circular in cross-section. Prong is massive, with an arched top and a shield shaped base. The top is decorated with incised lines.