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Belt buckle

Title: Belt buckle
Site: Текija / Transdierna
Location/Region: Tekija, Đerdap
Chrolonology: 1 AD - 500
Museum: National Museum in Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Culture: Roman
Closer Dating: The second half of the 1st century
Material: Silver
Dimensions: R. 4 cm
Production Technique: Casting, Repussè

Mano-Zisi Đ. 1957. Nalaz iz Tekije, Beograd

Popović I.1994. Antičko srebro u Srbiji, Beograd

Ratković D. 2007. In. Balkani, Antiche civilita tra il Danubio e l Adriatico, (eds. T. Cvjetićanin, G. Gentili, V. Krstić), Milano 2007


Circular belt buckle with a reversed hinge. The outer surface of the buckle is decorated with three profiled circles, with the shaped knob bulge in the central part of the buckle. On the broadest area between concentric circles is punctuated inscription: VII R I. G. V A L II R IV S. C R II S C II S.