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Barbarized Honoria tremissis

Title: Barbarized Honoria tremissis
Location/Region: Castrum Nove (Čezava) / Golubac
Chrolonology: 1 AD - 500
Museum: National Museum in Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Period: Late Antiquity
Culture: Roman
Closer Dating: First decades of the 5th century (?)
Material: Gold
Dimensions: Diameter 14,10 mm,
Production Technique: Minting
Bibliography: M. Vasić, Čezava - castrum Novae, Starinar 33-34, 1982-3 (1984): 91-122; M. Vasić, Zlatni i srebrni novac kasne antike (284-450), Beograd 2008: 115.


Barbarized Honoria tremissis

Obverse: DNHORI(sic!)-SPFAVG, The bust on the right. A diadem on the head.

Reverse: VICTORIA-VSTOAVИ (sic!), in the fragment, COИOB(sic!). Victoria is standing in the front holding a wreath and a cross.

Weight 1.27 g