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Anthropomorphic statuette

Title: Anthropomorphic statuette
Site: Vinča
Location/Region: Belgrade
Chrolonology: 8000 BC - 4000 BC
Museum: Belgrade City Museum
Country: Serbia
Epoch: Late Neolithic
Culture: Vinča Culture
Closer Dating: 5th century BC
Material: Fired clay
Dimensions: H 5.9 cm
Bibliography: Bisеniја Pеtrоvić, Vеlibоr Kаtić i Мilоš Spаsić, Živоt u glini: nеоlitskа umеtnst nа tlu Bеоgrаdа, Bеоgrаd: Мuzеј grаdа Bеоgrаdа, 2009.


The bust of statuette is in black color, with fine texture and shiny surface. The head is in the shape of an irregular pentagon with an elongated nose and incised almond eyes that follow the line of the nose. There is a perforation on the forehead and cheekbones, while at the nape of the neck there are three vertically drilled holes. Clothing is displayed by incisions.