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A pair of earrings with a biconical bead

Title: A pair of earrings with a biconical bead
Location/Region: Visoka Ravan / Brestovik, Grocka Municipality
Chrolonology: 1200 - 1300
Museum: National Museum in Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Epoch: Middle Ages
Culture: Byzantine
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: R links 3,5 cm; D. bead 2,6 x 2,6 cm
Production Technique: Casting
Bibliography: M. Ćorović-Ljubinković, La nécropole slave de Brestovik - Rapport préliminaire des fouilles en 1953 - 1954, AI II, Beograd 1956, 136, fig. 4 i 5.


A pair of earrings made of bronze with a hollow biconical bead. Links are made of a relatively thick wire of circular cross-section but their both ends are slightly thinner. Bead is placed on the more thinned end of the link. The narrow band between the conical half’s is decorated with a series of 11 large granules evenly distributed. The transition between the conical halves and the narrow band with granules is emphasized with the double-twisted pseudo filigree wire. Both conical halves are decorated with the imitation of double-twisted filigree wire. The ends of beads are fixed to the link coil, which imitates the double-twisted filigree wire.